About Us

Our activity started during the 50’s, from the initiative of two friends who decided to take over an important Italian delicatessen shop in the middle of the historical Strada Garibaldi in Parma, a central road that connects the heart of the City with the local train station.

In 1986 we decided to move to a bigger building nearby, an area easier to reach and featuring the opportunity to implement cutting edge machineries.

From then on, the Salumeria Garibaldi has been acknowledged on a local and national basis for the care shown in the process of selection of our district products: Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello, salame di Felino, Parmigiano Reggiano, Borgotaro’s mushrooms and all the other small delicatessen that allowed Parma and its district to be recognised worldwide as “the Food Valley”.

Our passion in trying and savouring everything we propose, reflects our commitment in sharing with the Customer our love for the quality of the products our territory has to offer. So, feel free to enjoy a sweet slice of Parma ham, or a nut of Parmigiano Reggiano offered by our Staff.

Everyday lots of people use the tables at our store in order to savour a lovely yet practical and time-saving luncheon composed by a dish of our products, often accompanied by a good glass of wine.

The core of our activity lies in our Artisan Gastronomy service. Our Customer is offered with the dishes from the local cousine tradition, where we constantly look for the true taste of our territory by faithfully following the recipes from the Parmisan art of cooking tradition. Along with these fantastic dishes, you will be able to enjoy a rich range of fish dishes, colorful salads, golden roasts, a great variety of side dishes, tasty rice and pasta dishes, sweets and desserts; in other terms, anything you might need in order to compose your own menu.

Everything we do is a little piece of artisan art of cooking, with tons of enthusiasm and a tight bond with the tradition. A Japanese Company decided to “taste” our quality, and chose us as key partner for the distribution in Japan. An amazing partnership was born, and developed briefly in the introduction of three Salumeria Garibaldi shops in Tokyo. Our Japanese customers love the Italian art of cooking, and it is a pleasure for us to go there by person as ambassadors of the wealth and absolute beauty of the Italian gastronomy tradition.